Friday, 19 July 2013

Welcome home team!

We hope that you have enjoyed these updates and that the team have arrived home with plenty of stories to tell and photographs to show! It has been a real pleasure to work with this team and we hope that they remember their trip for a long time to come!

With best wishes,
The Inspire Worldwide Team

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Back to Addis!

The girls completed the long journey back to Addis Ababa today, taking in the changing scenery along the way. They had time for a shower and a quick rest at the hotel, before heading out for a special last night meal and dancing at one of the city's best cultural restaurants... as I received the update, the team had just come back to sit down after having danced on stage with the professionals in front of the whole restaurant. Lexy, the Inspire assistant leader, also took a turn singing on stage in Swahili! They're having a great time before heading to the airport later for their flight home....

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Relaxing in Arba Minch

The team saw lots of crocodiles and hippos on Lake Chamo earlier today, before heading to Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch for some well deserved relaxation and reflection time.

Some thoughts from the team:

"It's really sad to think this is our last day" Claudia
"I'm going to miss Ethiopia when we're gone" Sarah
"It's the best trip I've ever been on" Maddie
"The whole trip has been very inspiring and it's so sad to think we're going to leave" Fanette
"We've been 'inspired worldwide!' Fran (Award for cheesiest quote!)

The team have been playing games before bed and tomorrow they journey back to Addis ready for a last night traditional meal and their flight home...

Konso Village

The team arrived in Konso village yesterday in good time and had a lovely afternoon driving through the hills and exploring the villages, as well as learning about the culture and agricultural practices of the Konso tribes. The girls really enjoyed it... 
The group stayed overnight at a lodge in Konso-style huts and are now on their way to the Lake Chamo to see the crocodiles and hippos!

 The Konso are famous for their totems of dead warriors

Konso is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 
the Konso tribe's impressive tiered agricultural systems 

Konso village

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Too much dancing!

The team have not yet recovered from all the singing and dancing around the camp fire with the Dorze community last night! They had a fantastic time and are now on their way to visit the Konso tribe... more soon! 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Dorze Village

The team arrived at the Dorze Village this afternoon, which is situated in the mountains above Arba Minch. They settled into their traditional huts and were then taken to a tour of the village and the beautiful surrounding areas. 
They are currently awaiting dinner, which is a feast cooked by the local ladies, and will later be treated to traditional dancing and singing around the camp fire.
The whole team is in very good spirits and tomorrow morning they will be up early to see the local pottery being made and the weaving cooperative in the village. 

Aregash Lodge...

Yesterday, after a traditional Ethiopian breakfast, the team travelled to Aragash Lodge in Yirgalem, a beautiful lodge of huts in a very green, lush area. On the way they stopped off for lunch in Hawassa for a lovely juice and a pizza. 
They were treated to a tour of the gardens, seeing fruit trees, vegetables and some of the local wildlife, followed by a traditional coffee ceremony. 
The group then watched the hyenas come up the hill for their nightly feed, followed by a lovely dinner.

They were looking forward to a good night's sleep surrounded by the noises of the wildlife...