Friday, 12 July 2013

Thursday on site

The following was written by yesterday's site leaders Maddy and Frances;

Day 3 at Hamle 19 and the group got stuck in as usual! After an early morning downpour we tucked into our 'usual'; egg, bread and jam. Delicious! Due to the rain we started with indoor bonding sessions with the children who had braved the weather to be there with us. Activities included teaching, colouring, playing and singing. Favourite songs of the children being the Hokey Cokey, the Macarena and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Once the rain had cleared up we split into two groups like the day previous and one continued to play with the children whilst the other started on the building site.

Teaching the colours of the rainbow

Whilst some laboured,others enjoyed getting to know the children more. Whilst the boys ran around and played catch with the more energetic of the Headington girls, the rest endured an original Ethiopian 'pampering' session, the result being some rather intriguing hairstyles! We also got taught the colours of the Ethiopian flag; Kai ,meaning red, being the only one we can remember!

Today our main focus was making cement to cover the floor foundations and by the end of the day our task was complete. A success! After tearing ourselves away from the kids we had a yummy lunch of lentils, bread and a traditional sauce, Shiro, one of Mr Cunningham's favourites. We then swapped duties and continued our work.

Laying the floor

Finished floor!


Once the floor was finished we celebrated in style with the school. A circle was created and one of Hamle 19's youngest stars, Abel, took to the floor to show us some moves. It wasn't long before the Headington girls were dragged into the middle to show off some of our classic English groove. A good day had by all! Now we have the floor done we look forward to the next couple of days to see what else we can do. :)

Frances and Maddy

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