Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Orientation day update!

The team had a great first day in Ethiopia yesterday. They took a trip up Entoto Mountain, accompanied by Hannah, Lexy and  Mulugeta  - their Ethiopian guide, and took in the amazing views from the top that look out over Addis Ababa. 
For lunch they had their first taste of Ethiopian food, as the Ras Hotel put on a fantastic spread - all of the girls tried the food and enjoyed it!
In the afternoon the group visited the Ethnographic Museum where they learned about some of the tribe they will visit later in the trip. This was followed by some orientation training and some insights into the language and culture of Ethiopia from Mulugeta.
An early dinner was followed by an early night after such a busy day...

They are now on their way to Assella and Hamle 19 Primary School to be met by the teachers and the scout group and to start their project work...

... Here is a photo of the classroom taken a couple of days ago on Hannah's visit - the team will be busy!

Here is the team at the top of Entoto Mountain

More soon...

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