Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A hard day's work!

Today's update written by site leaders Rhiannon and Alexandra...  A great day and excellent weather to top it all off!

"Thank goodness - a lie in! This morning we were all down stairs by 7.40, slightly later than asked, and left straight away for Hamle 19 where we were greeted by hoards of children all wanting to shake our hands. Breakfast consisted of delicious bread and jam, scrambled eggs and bananas. After eating, Mr Lovely, the headmaster, gave us a tour of his school, showing us the science labs, classrooms and the amazing gardens of which he is so proud.

After this we were split in two. Half the group started on the building site using chisels and spades to do a variety of difficult jobs to help the building site along. The rest of us went down onto the sports field to play loads of games with all the children who had turned up - so many! We played so much with them, from Tag to Duck Duck Goose, teaching them the Macarena, and singing a variety of both Ethiopian and English songs - it's fair to say explaining the games was by far the most difficult bit! At one point many of them started doing forward rolls and cartwheels in the centre of the circle we were all standing in with us joining in. 

After a short break the two groups switched which meant we were now working on the building site. We were doing all sorts of jobs such as mixing cement and digging ditches around the edge of the fast growing building. The cement was then used to fill the roof supports which required us all standing in a long line leading into the roofless building to pass the boxes of cement along up to the builders sitting on top of the wall. During this time Hannah F, Izzy and Leah had been to the local market in order to buy food for our lunch which they also helped cook. It was a delicious lunch of rice, potato and carrot which we all really enjoyed.

After lunch we were planting trees. There were 300 holes that had been dug in the school grounds and we had to plant the tiny saplings in every hole. It was hot work but we got it all done, with lots of help from our little friends, the Ethiopian children! Once this was finished we started to cement the uneven floor of the classroom.  By time we had left the school most of us had gained special friends with the little Ethiopian children.

In was a great day, especially since the forecasted showers for this afternoon didn't occur. We are really looking forward to going back tomorrow to do more work on the building and play with the children again!"

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  1. I love the idea that the Headmaster is called Mr Lovely. Almost as good as: